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Bearings used in wind turbines

NOVEMBER 02, 2022

The windmill blades are rotated by the wind, and the generated force is transmitted to the generator, which generates electricity called "wind power generation."

The use of natural wind to generate electricity, this power generation method has less impact on the environment, is being paid more and more attention!

The force of rotation of the blade is transmitted to the main shaft, and in order to generate more electric power, the rotation speed of the shaft must be accelerated, which is achieved by the speed increaser. In addition, bearings are used in very important components such as generators.

In a wind power generation device, a large device has a height of more than 100 meters, and if it is compared with a tall building, there are about 20 layers. The bearings used in wind power installations are also very large, with diameters exceeding 2 meters and weights exceeding 2 tons.

The blades and generators are mounted on very tall columns for better access to the wind. At the same time, however, inspection and replacement of blades and generators has become difficult. Therefore, the parts installed on the windmill must be durable and not prone to failure.

Sunny days, rainy days, summers, and winters. In order to protect the environment of the earth, the bearings continue to rotate like this every day.